The Yorkshire German Network is a new initiative by the Universities of Sheffield, Hull and Leeds to connect and support everyone with an interest in the language and culture of the German-speaking countries.

The network provides an online community for learners and teachers of German at all levels and links those in the classroom or lecture theatre with German interests in the arts and the business community. It is for both individuals and organisations – if you want to get involved, please contact us at <info@ygn.org.uk>.

Our partners and sponsors:
German Embassy http://www.london.diplo.de
DAAD http://www.daad.org.uk/
Goethe Institut http://www.goethe.de/ins/gb/lp/enindex.htm?wt_sc=uk_saf ,
Think German http://www.london.diplo.de/Vertretung/london/en/06/1Language/3ThinkGerma...
UK-German Connection http://www.ukgermanconnection.org/home
Another partner is Fokus Sheffield http://fokussheffield.co.uk/

Our partners include the "German for Enterprise" project at the University of Sheffield (https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/german/undergraduates/enterprise), the German "Stammtisch" which meets at the University Arms in Sheffield each month (http://haltoninternational.com/events/) and "Fokus Sheffield" (http://fokussheffield.co.uk/).